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Below is a list of content warnings for We Were Restless Things. Please note that several of them contain spoilers.

  • A character dies by drowning, and it is narrated in a first-person flashback. Additionally, two other characters nearly drown.

  • Grief/mourning, specifically the deaths of friends and siblings

  • References to the child abuse and neglect, both physical and mental, of a supporting character

  • An asexual main character grapples with feelings of internalized acephobia

  • Extensive portrayal of an asexual main character’s uncertainty in navigating romantic relationships with her allosexual partners

  • A character has scars on his arm from previously engaging in self-harm/cutting.

  • A character flees his abusive family to live first with a friend, then in a tent.

  • An asexual character consents to sex with her allosexual partner, though she does not experience a desire for sex. She is immediately uncomfortable with the attempt, and they stop.

  • References to the suicide of a supporting character’s brother

  • Absent parents. A main character never knew her father. A supporting character’s father left when he was a child, and they have not spoken since.

  • References to underage drinking and marijuana use by some characters

  • Some violence, mainly in the form of punching​

  • Some references to characters being bullied in grade school

  • One character admits to having previously catfished another.

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